Recharge Through SMS


With the SMS RECHARGE Service, there is no need to sit in front of a computer and connect to the internet! Simply send an SMS and get your mobile recharged.

Here is how it works:

All you need is a mobile and an unlimited sms pack!

You can recharge your mobile phone by using our SMS RECHARGE Service (Recharge Through SMS Service). Whats more, you can give the same facility to your customers. They can maintain adequate balance in an easy wallet on your website and simply send an sms to recharge their registered mobile phones.

Now, instead of connecting to the internet on a computer, you can simply recharge by follwing these steps:

RC space < Amount > space< Mobile number >

If you want a recharge of Rs. 100 you need to sms

RC 100 9703058XXX

Send to 97XXXXXXXX

Once your recharge is successful, you will recieve a message from the operator and an sms with your new balance from us.

You should have enough balance in your Wallet to use the SMS RECHARGE service

You can also check your balance in your Wallet by sending us an SMS

Normal SMS rates Apply.

SMS RECHARGE service is not charged for a single registered mobile number. But if you want to give SMS recharge feature to your customers then SMS RECHARGE is charged on a monthly basis. To provide SMS RECHARGE to all your customers, you need to provide us with your sim with an SMS pack or enough balance to send required smses.

SMS RECHARGE is charged at Rs 3000 + 10.3% (service tax) = Rs. 3309/ month. These costs are separate from your sms sending costs.

To know more about Account Pricing click here.